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Kirsten draws inspiration for her artwork from the landscape, patterns and textures, from nature’s colours and the ever-changing light.  For her it is all about seeing the things that sometimes go unnoticed or are taken for granted and the individual components that make up the whole.


Mixed media, painting, printmaking, photography and montages feature in her work, often with torn or woven elements and texture to add another dimension and interest.

Kirsten is also known for her photographic images where the details are highlighted for dramatic effect or pared down using camera movement, resulting in soft, fluid images.

Most recently Kirsten has ventured into abstract painting using acrylics, with gesso to create texture. She endeavours to create unique artworks evoking a strong response in the viewer, warranting a closer look.


Kirsten is a member of Waitakere Arts, Kumeu Arts, Estuary Arts Centre and the Kumeu Photography Group. She exhibits her work in exhibitions and events throughout the year including: the annual Waitakere Trusts Awards and Exhibition, Estuary Arts events, Kumeu Art Awards, Art Fusions, Carmel College, Baradene Art Show, the Auckland Festival of Photography plus an annual Solo Exhibition and others.


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