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Welcome to Creative Oasis!



There are many art classes and creative workshops available for beginners, but few options in Auckland for those who may have some creative skill – perhaps you attended art school many years ago then life ‘got in the way’. Or perhaps you have developed a personal creative practice in secret but lack confidence to ‘go public’. Our aim is to develop a supportive environment for you and to help you rediscover your creativity and confidence to develop work you love and want to share with others.

Starting Monday, 18 March, every Monday onwards 10am – 12 noon. 

Final session will be held on Monday 10th June 2024

Each session will have a standard format that will allow the group time to share their own work and ideas if they wish, followed by a variety of creative sessions designed to encourage self-exploration as well as new connections and creative collaboration within the group.

We will focus on rediscovering your creativity, finding inspiration, exploring new perspectives, nurturing your creativity and what it means to have courageous creativity.

The group will be led by Jacqui Wilkinson.



We are a small friendly group who conduct untutored sessions with a live model.

We start with some short poses increasing through the evening to finish with

two 25 to 30 minute poses.

The West Auckland Life Drawing Group meets on

Wednesday evenings from 6.30pm to 9pm 


The Studio, WCCAC, Corban Estate Art Centre,

Henderson, West Auckland.

All skill levels are welcome.

Bring something to draw on and your own sketching materials.

Any materials are OK as long as they don’t give off fumes

or unpleasant smells.

Tables and easels are provided at the studio.

Fee is $20 (cash only) per session.

The group was started in 2013 by Tatiana Zimina.

Since early 2019, Jeff Norman has

been the organiser.


Life Drawing
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