2019 Workshops

Wednesday, 30th Jan 2019 : 9.30am -11.30pm
ONCE A MONTH CRITIQUE SESSION by an independent judge.  
Bring 2 paintings to be assessed by an independent judge.  Cost:  $2 per person

Sunday, 27th Jan 2019 : 9.00am to 4.30pm
PAINTING WITH COLOUR with Dr Louise Allen; One day Oil or Acrylic Workshop.
Cost $75 
Dr Louise Allen, Independent Fine Artist: Holding degrees in Fine Art, Sociology and Dramatic Writing, Louise Allen is an award winning colourist painter, and an experienced University Lecturer. She uses oil on canvas and works out of a studio in West Auckland. She develops visual narratives using memory and imaginative associations. Producing neither fully abstract nor fully representational works, she negotiates this paradigmatic tension in the Fine Art Academy through balancing iconographic and symbolic forms which are then made more deeply and unconsciously associative through an evocative use of colour.
In the morning we will discuss experiences with painting with colour and set some goals. Then we will experiment with colour mark-making and colour palette. In the afternoon a fresh painting will be started based ‘loosely’ on a still life. Participants would bring their own materials ie: brushes, mixing and cleaning fluids, something to paint on (some paper for the morning and then a canvas or paper for the afternoon session) and Acrylic or Oil paints (no watercolours or inks please). Please Note: No black or white paint is allowed. Easels are available. Maximum 12 participants. Session won’t run if there are fewer than 8 participants.


Wednesday, 6th Feb 2019
Ken Padgett workshop on Oils  
Cost:  $7
Thursday, 14th Feb 2019 : 1pm to 3pm
Helen Steven’s Watercolour Workshop
Helen will demonstrate watercolour techniques, with a view to weekly classes on a Thursday afternoon
LABOUR WEEKEND PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP : 26th, 27th & 28th October 2019
St Michaels Church, Corbans Estate, Henderson, AklINTENSIVE  IMPRESSIONIST, ABSTRACT & SURREALISM Photography Workshop, covering MULTIPLE EXPOSURES and LIGHT PAINTING. 
TUTORS: Diane Costello & Murray Noble, with Special Guest Tutors Ken Ball & Wendy Verity from Australia and John Pirtle from NZ.

Included FREE:  Friday, 25th Oct, 3pm-5.30pm on “What to do with the different camera settings“ and getting to know your camera.

Cost:  $385 and 10% discount for early bird registration up until June 2019.  We will also have two special guest tutors from Australia, Ken Ball and Wendy Verity