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Sue Butler

Vice President

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Jo Marshall


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Carol Rewega


I grew up in a small country town before moving to Auckland and have been a westie for over 20 years now. As my children grew up and became more independent I began to take my creative streak more seriously, focusing mostly on painting and photography.


I joined Waitākere Arts about 15 years ago. This community of artists has been a huge encouragement and inspiration to me. Now, as part of the committee, I can do my bit to help carry on the Waitākere Arts legacy, of connecting art and community  - something we are passionate about.

I believe I have been an Artist all my life. As far back as I can remember there has always been creative projects on the go. I use a plethora of methods and materials, working in wood, metal, fabrics, ferrocement, wire, glass and paint to create unique artwork.

Being a member of Waitākere Arts has immersed me into the Artist's world. One where our individuality shines through every piece that we create and exhibit. Come and join us.

A Kiwi born in Wellington 1960, I returned home from living in Northern Ireland and England in 2005.

My working life has always been of a creative nature. From technical drawing to draughtswoman in the engineering industry, then moving into the knitwear and fabric industry as a pattern maker, C.A.D, knitting and weaving machines programmer, then dyeing and finishing, all of these being part of my role as a garment technologist for many years.

After redundancy, I retrained at AUT in landscape design, construction, architecture and horticulture, which led to me becoming a self-employed gardener.

It is only fairly recently I found myself in the Artist's world, painting and later discovered the art of being a “potter”.

I have the best of both worlds! I am loving the new direction with my artwork, which includes NZ bush painting, building and creating with clay.

Originally from Canada, I have spent the last 30-odd years enjoying being a Westie - in Bethells Beach, Titirangi and Henderson.   


I have always loved being creative - knitting and weaving as a child, writing poetry and stories from teenage years onward, then in my 40's moving onto painting and mixed media, assemblage and upcycling - all while working my day job as a corporate accountant. 


Being part of such a vibrant, diverse and talented group within the Waitākere Arts community has been wonderful and truly inspiring!


Office Manager


Bookkeeper | Administrator

Born and raised on the North Shore,  Auckland.  I have been living in West Auckland since 2005 and consider myself a born again Westie.  I have a Bachelor of Fine Art from Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and have been practicing Photography & Design now for more than 25 years.  I mostly dabble in Fine Art Photography, however, have been known to do a few weddings and portraits over the years... I also love to upcycle furniture when I have a spare min from being a mum or some spare space! 

After many years of Managing Call Centre's for corporate Telecommunications Companies and running a Painting and Decorating Company with my partner.  I decided to do something for my heart and the community not my pocket,  This lead me to Waitākere Arts as Office Manager and as a member of course! Please do pop into The Studio anytime I would love to meet you.