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Hand to pen, pencil & paintbrush. At Artismita we are focused on showing the world how artist
Smita Upadhye sees the world. Almost 60, and still youthful through her creations.

It's time to add to the beauty our world has to offer. Smita paints, sculpts, designs and customises everything with her unique gift.


Recent community projects

Smita Upadhye, is a local Avondale Artist and Waitakere Arts Member. She completed the Traditional Indian Mural, covering two outer walls of Vector Power House at 2021 Great North Road, Avondale Auckland.


Cynthia Crosse, the Manager of Avondale Business Association commissioned Smita to design and complete the mural.  The goal is to showcase traditional Indian culture through engaging design to feature on the walls that face both sides of the Avondale traffic.  Hence, Smita decided to represent Indian Culture through the Sun, an Indian lamp (Diva) with a Rangoli and a Lotus, the Indian National Flower.  To top it off, she included the ‘Namaste’ hand gesture in the center of the Lotus.  Together, she wanted the symbolic meaning to communicate "Live life with strength and serenity. Strive to purify your inner self on a spiritual level and thrive together amongst diversity.”


The wall on the other side depicts the Indian Elephant.  Seen as one of the most loving and trustworthy and friendly animals, it represents a popular Indian deity; Lord Ganesh.  Smita designed it in her black and white design style on the colour scheme of the Indian Flag.


As she was working on location, Cynthia was present to support Smita and ensure her health and safety throughout the duration of the mural.  In Cynthia’s opinion the mural has started to get plenty of interest and locals were happy with it being a new and exciting part of the Avondale community.  This turned out to be a much bigger project time-wise than anticipated, given the uneven nature of the bricks and the intricacy of design.  To complete this mural, Smita has gone above and beyond. 

It will be an absolute pleasure for everyone in Auckland to visit the mural, take photos under the elephants spray and enjoy Diwali.

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