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Karen Wilde is a qualified sculptor, specialising in contemporary ceramics. Her artwork often features themes exploring te taiao (nature) and observing both landscapes and the macro world. Wilde built her own raku kiln from a recycled honey drum in 2021 to develop mediums and objects through continuous play. Her interest in organic chemistry in art and material sustainability produces unique and unpredictable surface results within her artwork. She also experiments with primitive pit firings, using recycled materials and garden waste to design organic glazes.


Her current works include a series of spherical vessels with minimal openings. Simple in form yet often housing complex, textured configurations, they push the boundaries of glaze alchemy to create contemporary art objects with conceptual tensions. Founded on ecological studies of Aotearoa coastlines, flora and fauna. Other artworks in the making oscillate between abstract forms and figurative pieces, some with intricate wire weaving.


Karen Wilde is new to exhibiting her artwork but has already established herself as an emerging artist to watch. She received both The Ceramics Merit Award at The Trusts 35th Arts Exhibition and was selected as a Finalist at the Emerging Artist Awards, The Upstairs Gallery in 2022.

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