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Allow me to introduce, for those who might not already know her - the very talented Sheree Foster!!

Sheree has always loved art, and for as long as she can remember has always been involved with some form of art. In her beginning years, art school was only presented as drawing and painting, which she didn't feel a connection with - but art these days is a much larger 'genre' and so much more accessible, that she finally found a way to express her creativity through art.

Her creative journey started in the Floral, Landscaping, Weaving and Photography arenas. She also spent nearly 10 years as a consultant, which allowed her to stretch her creative flair, resulting in many very happy house building clients and stunning homes.

Getting started in her adventure she supposes it was at a crossroads in life. With lockdowns and what to do next and the overwhelming realization of the waste that is around us, especially after doing several weddings, she started using her creativity to repurpose floral pieces into all sorts of Art Pieces - from wreaths to busts of heads in flowers with a vintage flair.

She sees herself as a "life taught" person, but continually attend workshops in Arts. These are mainly for relaxation, but she also enjoys always learning new things. The items she is currently creating has been a process over the past two years. Learning how to treat the materials, make mistakes, and learning to produce beautiful art pieces. She has also started developing a new range of her Limited-Edition Botanical Prints.

Sheree was awarded first place in the 2022 Lake House Art Centre Awards. With growing confidence, she has had her work selected from New Zealand wide entries to exhibit in other Art Centers and Galleries.

This journey is but new for her, and she is still learning as she goes, telling herself to keep going and riding the ups and downs, trying to make sales and do the marketing whilst not draining herself creatively.

She strives for perfection and advises other artist to make the time to take time out and breathe. To surround yourself with positive and passionate, creative people and to associate yourself with Art Centers that support you and to give back when you can, recommending local community art groups as a way to do that.

Sheree specializes in two different genres of Art, loving them both equally. She would spend months on one, and then switch to the other - if a sudden inspiration happens, she goes with the flow.

The message she hopes to portray through her art is to show respect to the environment. Through her reuse of items and sourcing from mother nature and her wonders she hopes to make the items she gathers shine, through a touch of her creative thoughts.

She enjoys producing a "Kiwiana" style in some of her work along with a modern contemporary style suited to homes and commercial situations.

Her first solo-exhibition will be opening in the Franklin Arts Centre on the 26th of October and will be open for public viewing from 27 October - 16 November.

It is titled "A journey with She" and is about a journey, broken into three stories - dealing with Human Emotions - Rebirth - Light and Colour.

Some of the emotions are hers personally, but she hopes the viewers will recognize their own emotions and know that they aren't alone in their thoughts. Her intention is for every visitor to go on their own personal journey through her art.

At Waitakere Arts we love seeing our members succeed in their journey through life and find ways to express their creativity in meaningful ways. Sheree is passionate and it will be well worth your while to go and support her at her exhibition!


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