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Jia have been in love with painting and drawing for over 60 years. Having left China over 42 years ago, he spent time in the South Pacific and lived in Nauru for a short period of time before settling in Fiji for 25 years. For the past 20 years he has called New Zealand his home and is deeply fascinated by the beauty this country has to offer.

In his own words " My English is limited, but art knows no boundaries. Her language is universal and can be understood by anyone who loves beauty."

Jia is currently painting a group of paintings celebrating the Old Houses in Auckland. While the urban monsters are expanding, the old houses and the old part of the city is quickly disappearing. He hopes to capture the lives of New Zealanders, in their quiet, comfort, before these beautiful precious memories disappear. It is his own quiet protest against the culture's bowing to commercialization.

You can see more of his work on the website of the Artselect Gallery (Jia Rui Sun | ARTSELECT GALLERY)


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