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Featured Artist - June 2023 - Maxine Jepson

Our June Featured artist is Maxine Jepson. We got to ask Maxine a few questions about her creative journey - read on below to learn more about this talented artists' life and work.

When asked about her early days as an artist, Maxine explained she used to be a freelance window dresser in various clothing stores as well as shoe and jewelry boutiques. The knowledge she gained while dressing fabric stores and wholesale textile showrooms led into forming textile and fibre sculptures.

She has been enjoying, discovering and inventing new ideas with textiles, fibres, handmade papers, canvases and ceramics for about sixty years.

Her proudest a

achievement as an artist is her Calico Sculptured wall hangings of which the smallest was the size of a human face and the largest up to full length bodies. The bodies, including the face was made from unbleached calico and this form of sculpture won awards and acquisitive awards in Australia.

Her advice for artists who might just be starting out on their journey is to be inventing and think outside the box, have fun and find the right people to be around to enhance your journey.

Maxine finds working with fiber exciting as it can be manipulated into many art forms, including fashion.

The message she wants to convey through her art is the joy and love she experiences while creating and she hopes to share these expressions with those who are collectors of her art.


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