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Marion is a Taupo based artist, painting in her small studio at home, surrounded by a beautiful garden setting.

Her early days as an artist is filled with memories of filling scrap books with pencil drawings as a child. As an adult she ventured back into the artworld after selling her cake decorating business. Marion also has an advanced Diploma in Graphic Design and have spent time training with some of New Zealand's great artists.

With tutorials being so easily accessible on YouTube, Marion started following a few artists who really inspire her, such as Thomas Darnell (an amazing botanical artist), Carla Grace (a specialist in hyper-realistic animal paintings) and Amber Emm, a New Zealand artist who created amazing botanical work. Marion spent a bit of time with Amber in her earlier days of starting her own botanicals practice, learning techniques, getting colors and layering training.

Marion prefers spending her time painting botanicals in any shape or form, particularly on a large scale into which the painter, as well as the viewer, can immerse themselves and provides a truly dramatic perspective into the floral art world. She is ambitious in her approach to complicated detailed work, focusing on capturing the light and depth of her subjects.

For a change of pace, she will often do a landscape scene or some abstract work before returning again to her beloved florals and botanicals.

Marion has exhibited and sold work in Auckland, Christchurch, Wanaka, Napier, Havelock North and Napier and as far afield as Puerto Rico.


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