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Waitakere Arts Expo Entry Form
Paid 2024/25 member?
How would you be able to volunteer?


  • Member Artists can rent display panels @ $25 per panel to promote and/or sell their work. Panel size: 1.2m wide x 2.4m high. Max of 2 panels per artist.

  • It is cash and carry so sold work can be taken by purchaser, allowing panels to be restocked. Sales will be processed at the helpdesk with a EFTPOS machine, or cash. Funds will be transferred to artists 14 working days after end of expo. Please ensure your pricing is inclusive of the 25% commission due Waitakere Arts.

  • It is advisable that the artists, or a representative, should be present during the exhibition to promote their own work and engage with the public.

  • Artist’s portfolios can be put on display if wanted. Each artist’s station will have a 1.2m floor space in front of panels wherein you will be able to place a small table to display smaller items such as calendars/cards etc for sale. Please ensure your table is small enough to allow free flow of traffic around your station. Be considerate of your fellow artists.

  • There will be room in Shed 2 for artists live demonstrations if you would like to participate. This gives the opportunity to be interactive with the viewers and allow them to witness or participate in a creative process.




  • We encourage artists to take the opportunity to demonstrate and create during the Expo.

  • Artists scheduled workshops and demonstrations need to be confirmed with Waitakere Arts Office





  • All entry forms must be FULLY completed. Incomplete entry forms and late entries will not be accepted.

  • Please note, running a member’s expo is reliant on volunteer help.  Please let us know if and when you will be able to assist. Areas for volunteering include:

  • Helping out on Bring In Day (receiving artworks)

  • Helping at the Help Desk during the Expo, operating EFTPOS and handling cash

  • Helping at Packdown

  • Delivering leaflets or doing letterbox drops

  • Putting up signage

  • Delivering posters to our Sponsors to put up in their offices/buildings

  • Credit Card payments will incur an extra 2.5% charge

  • Artworks for sale will incur a 25% (inc GST) commission. This will be deducted from the artist’s payment at the end of the exhibition.

  • Payments may take up to 14 working days from end of Expo to process and will be direct credited to your account – (the account number that you have provided on your entry form).

  • Personal tax liability is the responsibility of the artist.

  • Insurance of artwork is the responsibility of the artist.  Although Waitakere Arts will take all care, we will take no responsibility for lost or damaged work.

  • It is in the best interests of artists to be present as much as possible.  This is an opportunity to interact with the public and sell your work.

  • It is the Artists responsibility to display and remove all your artwork from Shed 2, at the end of the exhibition. Storage fees may apply for any work left.

  • You may display whatever you like in your space, however, the Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to content it deems inappropriate.

  • It is up to the artist to keep a record of all works on their display panels or in your artist station.

  • Upon registration Waitakere Arts will provide you with a spreadsheet template to copy and use as your stock list. All items on display for sale must be listed in detail. Each Artist is responsible for keeping their own spreadsheet up to date with Artist name, contact details and an itemized list of your work, including pricing, at your own Artist Station. A copy of this spreadsheet must be provided to Waitakere Arts and any updates of items sold must be provided to Waitakere Arts. If you restock your space after artwork is sold, this information needs to be provided to Waitakere Arts.

  • The Committee reserves the right to refuse an entry if it does not comply with the above Terms and Conditions

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Thank you for your entry! We look forward to hosting you at this event!

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