I have been an artist my whole life, since drawing on the pavement when I was a pre- school child in England.

I was born in Brighton where I  studied full time for four years, at Brighton College of Art. A few years later, I did teachers training at Bletchley Park, which had a wonderful art department with three brilliant tutors.

I emigrated to New Zealand in 1974 and have since lived in Auckland.

When my children were small I found it easier to make pottery, mostly one off sculptural pieces and I joined the ‘Pots of Ponsonby’ co-op.

In 1987 I went to London, one of many trips to visit family. It was a turning point in my life. I was looking for pottery exhibitions and instead saw an amazing exhibition of Michael Andrews paintings of Ayers Rock - massive canvases in a small gallery. They were later shown in the Tate Gallery as part of a retrospective exhibition, after his untimely death and given massive wall space. When I first saw these paintings, I realised how much I was missing painting, even though I had never really stopped painting.

I painted full time for years, then became aware that I needed to hone up on photography as reference for my paintings. This was before digital and it resulted in me studying  photography, intensively at Unitec, Auckland for two years.

Since this time I have painted full time, apart from tutoring workshops in photography, 'modeling the head in clay' and painting, with art groups, community education and colleges. 

Also I have been attending, each week, a life drawing class for the past 23 years, which is a great inspiration for me.

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Thank you, to the wonderful people, who have collected my work.