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1st The Trusts Art_Harry Griffin_The Situation
Archie McCahon_2nd The Trusts Sculpture_Albatross #2
The Trusts 2nd Photo 1315 - Ruby Upham - Big City
The Trusts 2nd - 16-18 Photo_Rangitoto bach owners (1)
The Trusts 3rd Photo_Aileen Chen_Serendipitous Afternoon
The Trusts 2nd Art_Peter Purcell_Spook-EE
2nd The Trusts 16-18 Art Lucy Li_The Portrait of a Musician
Gemma Baldock_Inspirational NZ_Bounty
1st The Trusts Sculpture Award_Sheryl Keogh_Vessel in your honour
1st Merit Sculpture Award_Graeme Paris_Water-liquid gold of the future
Certificate 16-18 Photo_Quinn_Oisin_Doll
Abstract Merit_Leonie Richardson - Summer rain shower
3rd The Trusts Sculpture_Clovis Viscoe_Tui Harakeke
Certificate Gareth Price_The Statue of Eternal Maternity
Portrait or Figurative Merit_Swarbrick Andrew Elsie
3rd Sculpture Award_Tui Morse_Rural Triptych
Certificate_Kate litherland _ pest free by 2050
Landscape Merit Award_Ira Mitchell-Kirk_The Brewder House
Trusts 3rd Art_Jo Mallinger_Whimsical Society
Looking West_Barbara von_Seida_Charged
Certificate_13-15 Art_Kate litherland-tui
Our People Our Place_Lindsey Horne-Iggy
Certificate Art_Helen Dean_Spring comes
3rd The Trusts 16-18 Art_Isabelle muirhead_Haere Mai
1st The Trusts Art_Gavin Chai_Walk frame puzzle
3rd The Trusts 13-15 Art_Marisa Van Der Laan_Luke
Still Life Merit Award_Val enger - Still Life
1st The Trusts Photography_Henry Hanson_Tomtit refection
1st The Trusts 13-15 ARt Award_Amelia Blockley_Where the flower blooms
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